My good friend Frank introduced me to motorcycles back in the mid to late 1960’s when we were teenagers. We started out with little Honda’s back then and worked our way up to the Giant Honda 750! They were great bikes and great fun!

Then along came the 1970’s, which brought a tour of duty in Vietnam, a marriage, and the start of a family. Frank and I took different life paths and I gave up motorcycles for more than 30 years, until the kids were all raised.

Fast forward to 2008 when I decided that I wanted a bike again! So when a surprise opportunity came around, I bought my first Yamaha, an XS650 Heritage Special. The friends that I bought the bike from said that it was a Midnight Special. I had never heard of a midnight special so I researched and researched but could not find any information at all regarding an XS650 Midnight Special. But what I did find during the research was a picture of a Yamaha XS1100 Midnight Special. I thought that beautiful black and gold bike was the greatest looking bike that I had ever seen, and I wanted one!

This is the story of my quest to acquire the rare Yamaha Midnight Special, as well as a variety of other Yamaha XS11’s…. one project bike at a time…. and also the stories and learning experiences behind each project.





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