Back in our teenage years, my good friend Frank introduced me to motorcycles by teaching me to ride his Honda 160.  Eventually we graduated to the huge Honda 750. Great bikes…Great fun…Great memories!!!

And then after 30 bikeless years,  I decided that I wanted a bike again! So when a surprise opportunity came around, I bought my first Yamaha. An XS650 Heritage Special. The friends that I bought the bike from said that it was a Midnight Special. I  never heard of a midnight special before so I researched and researched but could not find any information at all regarding an XS650 Midnight Special. But what I did find during the research was a picture of a Yamaha XS1100 Midnight Special. I thought that beautiful black and gold bike was the greatest looking bike that I had ever seen, and I wanted one.


BUT I couldn’t find one! I find it hard to believe, but I read somewhere that Yamaha only made 500 midnight specials. So I settled for a Yamaha Virago XV1100 with the gold trim package.  And then I eventually found an XS850 midnight special before finally finding my first XS1100 MNS.

It took me almost 5 years to find my first rare Yamaha XS1100 Midnight Special! Since then I have expanded my search to neighboring states, and then over the next 5 years, I have been lucky enough to find 4 more… and I’m always on the lookout for my next one!

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