Broken Float Post Repair (a fun option)

This is an excerpt from the Bullet Bike page. (Which explains why I gave it that name).

To me, broken float posts were one of my greatest fears when opening up a set of carbs. It seems to be a fairly common problem though.


Don’t ask me how I got this stupid idea! There are a lot of float post repair ideas out there, but none that look easy to do. I’ve been playing around with different ideas the past couple of days. I was looking for an alternative idea to cutting and drilling. besides, if this doesn’t work, the broken posts are still in tact and another repair method can be pursued.


I chose this ammo because it is one that I will never be using for anything else. I suppose the more common .223 ammo would work as well. I’m not going to go into a lot of written detail as I think the pictures are self explanatory.


As you can see, this is a trial and error experiment, as are most of my repairs. The new brass posts simply slide over top of the broken posts. What I haven’t decided yet is how to secure them. They may not even need to be secured because the float bowl rubs tight against the posts and they really can’t move, but a small screw or JB weld would make me feel better. However I keep reading that gasoline will soften JB weld.

I had to file the float mounting tab to make it a bit narrower so that it would fit between the new posts.


I decided to go with “Seal All” which is a gasoline resistant sealer/adhesive. It seems to be holding the posts firmly in place, and like I said, they really can’t move once the float bowl is reinstalled.


I know this was a crazy idea, but it was fun and it worked very well!