1979 XS1100SF Special (Frank’s Bike) (2017)

Here is a preview from this chapter of the eBook Project XS11

Last year (July 2016) Frank and I picked up 2 XS11’s 50 miles North East of Harrisburg, PA. I parted out mine because it didn’t have a title. We put a transmission in his, which Frank recently decided to sell. I was happy to buy it from him for my next project!


It still needs a fair amount of work but I think the major stuff is done. We worked together on the replacing the transmission. Frank was able to restore the low compression in one cylinder by using an additive. I didn’t think that would work but the compression checked excellent at 175 psi across all 4 cylinders.


I’m happy with the way it turned out. BUT the end result is nothing at all like what I expected it to be. I try to have a plan when I begin these projects, but it’s funny how the bike ends up deciding what it wants to be.


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